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  • Sunset along the banks of the Chobi River, Capri Strip, Namibia

  • Sunrise at Chobe Savannah Lodge, Namibia

  • A good friend of mine had alerted me that she had a cardinal nest in one of the large bushes next to her porch.  I went over one morning to photograph the birds.  When I got there, she looked into the nest.  Immediately she was concerned, because the babies were not in the nest.  I decided to look around to see if we could find them.  All of a sudden I saw a small bird perched on the fence of her dog run. Upon closer inspection, it was one of the babies.  She had three large dogs that we quickly moved into the house to protect the baby.  The baby was very still and gripped that fence wire very tightly as though holding on for dear life.  Using my large lens allowed me to keep a respectful distance and still get some nice shots.